A presentation that shows a gray Dodge Charger from body camera footage and the text, "Officer Kim's body worn camera"
Credit: Open Vallejo

Open Vallejo has obtained preliminary video of the June 27 shooting of Jamazea Kittell by Vallejo Police Ofc. Brad Kim.

The city of Vallejo has not yet released video files relating to the shooting, which were initially scheduled for disclosure Tuesday and are now expected tomorrow. But minutes ago, Vallejo police screened body camera and in-car video at a town hall the city organized to discuss the shooting. Open Vallejo contributor Noah Berger recorded the police department presentation.

Because of how the footage was gathered, the video Open Vallejo is publishing this evening is not the same quality as the files the city is expected to disclose. Given the intense public interest in the shooting, and the city’s unexplained delay, Open Vallejo has opted to publish this preliminary video to present as complete an account as possible of what transpired.

The June 27 shooting is the department’s first in more than three years, which is the longest the agency has gone without a shooting in more than two decades, Open Vallejo research shows. 

Open Vallejo will soon provide a full analysis of the shooting, including previously unpublished details.

Watch the video below.

Geoffrey King is the executive editor of Open Vallejo. Prior to founding Open Vallejo, Geoffrey worked as an attorney and journalist focused on free expression, open government, press freedom and privacy. He is a proud native of Vallejo, California.