Black and white close-up portrait of a woman with a serious expression. She has curled hair, hoop earrings, and is wearing a high-neck black top. She looks at the camera with a serious, businesslike but pleasant expression.

Kimberly Spencer

Kimberly Spencer’s career as a Certified Fund Raising Executive is marked by her extensive expertise in leadership development, fundraising, community engagement, and marketing. Her significant role at the Pivot Fund highlights her dedication to fostering deep community connections and driving meaningful change. In her coaching role with LION since June 2022, Kimberly has been instrumental in guiding local publishers in enhancing their revenue generation and leadership capabilities, consistently emphasizing the importance of DEIB principles.

At Chalkbeat, Kimberly played a pivotal role in generating funding specifically for education and local election coverage. Her efforts in this area demonstrated her ability to strategically support vital journalistic endeavors, contributing significantly to the organization’s impact in these crucial areas. In her capacity at Public News Service, Kimberly’s strategic leadership led to achieving key revenue targets and a substantial increase in digital engagement.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her co-founding and partnership at NP Solutions Collective, where she applies her vast experience to offer strategic solutions to non-profit organizations. This role underlines her commitment to enhancing operational efficiencies and fundraising effectiveness in the non-profit sector. Additionally, as a strategic advisor to Blue Lena, Kimberly focuses on developing CRM systems tailored for newsrooms, showcasing her skill in merging technology with strategic communication.

Kimberly’s diverse experience extends to her work with various non-profit organizations, including Capital B, Meals on Wheels, Boys & Girls Clubs, The Arc, and Rocky Mountain Public Media. Her involvement with these organizations has enriched her understanding and effectiveness across different sectors, including public health, education, and community support.