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Today, the City of Vallejo released body camera footage of the January 6, 2019 police shooting of 49-year-old Edward Gonzalez.

The shooting occurred after Vallejo police officers Christopher Hendrix and Rashad Hollis responded to a report of a man trespassing on church property. Video shows the officers confront Gonzalez, who walks away, a folding knife in his hand. Gonzalez continues moving away from the officers and cursing as they issue commands to stop and to drop the knife. After approximately 90 seconds, Gonzalez reaches a fence, Hendrix not far behind. Gonzalez then turns toward Hendrix, who fires four rounds.

Gonzalez survived the shooting and faces several felony charges, according to the Vallejo Times-Herald.

The footage was disclosed pursuant to a public records request Open Vallejo filed shortly after midnight on July 1, minutes after a new law requiring the prompt disclosure of critical incident footage took effect.

Please be advised that the footage is graphic and may be upsetting.