Officers, deputies, and dogs canvassed a North Vallejo neighborhood for evidence under an ombre sky Thursday, following a chase and shooting by American Canyon police.

The pursuit began around 3 p.m., after American Canyon police spotted a Lexus with an allegedly expired registration and illegal window tint on Highway 29 near Kimberly Drive, according to scanner audio. The car failed to yield, prompting a chase that reached speeds of 90 mph, with the Lexus crossing onto the wrong side of the highway.

The chase wound down Mini Drive, Corcoran Avenue, and Fairgrounds Drive. It ended on Cronin Drive when a tire on the Lexus went flat and the vehicle crashed into a fence. Multiple people then ran from the car, according to scanner audio.

Moments later, a panicked and garbled radio transmission came over the air, followed by an officer’s more controlled report.

“Shots fired, I’m okay,” the unidentified officer said. “Suspect had a gun in his hand.”

Police and deputies from Vallejo, Solano County, the city of Napa, and Napa County soon joined the American Canyon officers. One wore a ballistic vest of the Solano County FBI Gang Task Force. At least one additional person was taken into custody.

A spokesperson for the American Canyon Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Vallejo police spokesperson Sgt. Rashad Hollis declined to comment, noting that he, too, was awaiting additional information from outside agencies.

A source with knowledge of the matter told Open Vallejo that the shooting victim is expected to survive. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation.

Geoffrey King is the executive editor of Open Vallejo. Prior to founding Open Vallejo, Geoffrey worked as an attorney and journalist focused on free expression, open government, press freedom and privacy. He is a proud native of Vallejo, California.